The benefits of using LinkedIn for your business

Using LinkedIn for the purpose of lead generation can be much associated with the activities available on the social media. LinkedIn is one among those social media websites that can help in developing your business. It is a common knowledge that there is possibility for generating leads through LinkedIn but it is not as easy and straightforward as you think in generating more business. Here are some of the best ways through which you can generate leads through LinkedIn.

Obtaining Referrals

One of the best ways through which leads are generated through LinkedIn is with the help of referrals. Best referrals that any company can get are the referrals from the customers and also their comments. This clearly states that your business needs to reach out for the clients of yours and should do things that can satisfy their requirements. The customers are also connected through social media and they use this either to get updated with what are the things that are happening around or to keep in touch with their loved ones and share the news in their lives. If a customer is providing you a referral, it clearly states that he is giving information about your company to all other people who are connected with him. This can easily help you in generating leads through LinkedIn. This makes it much easier for your business.

Giving Basic Information

Lead can be generated in a larger extend, when the company has better credibility. The credibility and reliability of your business can be improved by providing various details related with your business on LinkedIn. Make sure that you give information through various posts and also by answering the queries related with the customers. The customers should get the idea about the background information about the company.

Adding Friends

Always try to add your clients to your friends list or allow them add you to their friend list. In LinkedIn, friends have better chance for accessing information. This can be of greater help for you in increasing the leads to your company. If you are added to the friends list of your customers, there are chances for their friends also to use the details of you and thus can help you in generating leads in a great way than any other method.

Putting Up Links

Try to post links on LinkedIn so that the clients can get better information about the company in terms of their background information, products or services. Posting links is also considered as the best way through which you can increase leads through LinkedIn. Always try to post links on LinkedIn that can redirect to the company website of the blog posts or the contents that have better relevance with your business. When information is provided through links, it can be the easier way for getting connected with prospective clients.

Creating Page

The LinkedIn company account is the best advertisement that you can ever get. A page that is professionally developed as well as managed can help you in making a greater impact on the clients. It is also important for the customers to get the page updated regularly. This can enhance their professional image as well can increase the credibility of the company. The pages that are not updated regularly may not get better consideration from the clients. Always try to create your page in such a way that it has got greater appearance compared to the rivals of your company. The company page of your sis going to act as the face of your business and it can be easier for you to increase the leads with a page that is appealing in its looks.

Joining Groups

LinkedIn groups form the effective way for staying connected with the business partners and the potential customers. The groups can also help in establishing the expertise in the chosen industry and it can build reputation to your company. Try to join the groups that have some connection with the niche of your business and try to answer queries and also continue with conversations. You can also add comments on the conversations as this is the best way to show that you really know the things that you are talking. This can help in developing new leads.

Liking Other Companies

There is possibility for you in adding other companies to the like list of yours. The companies that have some relation with your business and which provide different services are the perfect ones. This can help you in staying updated with the things that the other businesses are doing without getting involved actively with them. This can also help in getting an opportunity for generating leads from the clients of other companies as your information is displayed on the website of other companies and the clients may need to use your services. This is the great opportunity through which you can attract the customer base of another company to yours and this can really work out and help you in earning huge amount of leads if you are setting up a great company page and provides services in a great way.

Putting Up Infographics

Infographics can be considered as the perfect way through which information can be shared with business partners as well as potential customers on LinkedIn. This is the easiest way available for reading and understanding the things. Images can also be much helpful in making your message get simplified and provide a great way to grasp things fast for the potential customers. Never expect that people can spend much time in reading things that you have posted. The brief way of conveying your ideas are something that can really work.

Using Ads in LinkedIn

Advertisements that you provide through LinkedIn usually focus on the people who are in search of information and it is the perfect way for generating new leads without distracting the potential customers available in the website. This can be a great opportunity for providing great exposure to your business.

5 Simple Tips On How To Use Facebook For Business

Nearly every business is one Facebook nowadays, something that confirms that businesses of all nature have realized that there are loads of benefits they can reap from this world’s largest social network.

If you are wondering how Facebook can be of help to your business, then it is clear that you aren’t well-versed with how to use Facebook for business and you can therefore not expect to get the most from this social network. Here are 5 simple tips on how to use Facebook for business that will guide you on how to drive you business to success using Facebook.

  1. Marketing your business

Facebook present unique opportunities for businesses to market themselves cost effectively. If you have a clear goal on how to use Facebook for your business, then there can be nothing to stop you from getting more sales that are generated by Facebook. Research shows that Facebook can help businesses generate up to 10% more sales in the next couple of months. For instance, if you run a coffee shop, you can market your business by posting a daily photo of you clients enjoying a cup of coffee, advertising different brands of coffee that you are selling through posting photos and also use Facebook to keep in touch with your clients.

  1. Increasing brand awareness

In 2013 alone, Facebook claimed to have over 1.28 billion active users drawn from different places across the world. As such, you can use the social network for purposes of showcasing your business to a massive audience regardless of the business that you run and in whatever niche or industry. Therefore, Facebook remains one of the best social networks to increase awareness of your brand, engaging with your audience and getting people’s attention, all of which will result to increased sales over time.

  1. Generating ads revenue on the internet

If you already have a Facebook page for your business and a large following simply because you allow people to comment on your page, then advertisers will start noticing you and they will pay you to allow them to place ads on your Facebook page since they are almost certain that thousands of people will view their ads online. As such, your business can still generate additional revenue through placing ads on your Facebook page. The good thing about Facebook ads unlike AdWords is that Facebook ads are normally targeted to the users’ interest and demographic but not whatever they are searching for on the internet.

  1. Creating a business profile

Creating a profile for your business is the surest way to get users to interact with you and view you as a professional as well. Remember keeping in touch with your clients(who in this case are your friends on Facebook) is very vital to the success of your business since you will be able to update them on how your business is doing and also inform them when you are launching new products or services, or when you are having some special offers . You can also use Facebook to get client feedback, which is also incredibly important since it will inspire you to do the things that will meet your clients’ needs. For instance, if your clients tell you via Facebook that your customer care service has a problem, then you can sit down and figure out how to improve on your customer care service.

  1. Acquire new prospects

There can be no denying that every business regardless of its type and size can use Facebook to acquire new prospects. Since you can have as many people as possible in your Facebook network , then you shouldn’t be surprised to realize that out of 10 people, one or two of them can be your potential clients. The only important thing that you need to do in order to gain new prospects via Facebook is letting everybody in your network know what your business deals with, and most importantly get them interested in whatever you do or offer. For instance, if you run a coffee shop, you should try to have as many coffee lovers in your network as possible because a good number of them could be your potential clients.

With these 5 tips on how to use Facebook for business, then you should immediately embark on ensuring that your business is on Facebook lest you miss out on the benefits you can reap from this great social network.