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Get Widgets

Although I like widgets I am relieved that I quickly got over my passion for them. Or at least realized that too much of anything just can’t be good. Some bloggers seem to be having a contest that requires them to try to show the most widgets.

Anyway, I’ll quit complaining and refer to yet another post from Mashable. Mark is doing a review here of iWidgets, where you kind find all the widgets you need. Even the ones for your contest. (shut up, Denephew.)

The King of Sales Configurators

For most of you who are like me and didn’t have a clue what configurate, REALLY meant, let’s call this post a lesson. I love learning things, and I want to share with you what I learned today.

I ended up wanting to know what EXACTLY configuration meant after visiting Configure One’s website. I mean, we all know on a basic level what the definition of configure is: to design or adapt something to meet specific requirements.

But I really didn’t understand it on an applied level until I read up about the offering at Configure One. Their Concept™ Product Configurator Software is specifically designed for manufacturing companies who produce products that are highly configurable or are routinely customized to meet the unique needs of the manufacturers’ customers.

This creates a scalable product that can be quickly cost-justified by all manufacturing companies, independent of their size or industry. Implementations normally result in 100% return on investment within eighteen months.

The software also increases revenues and reduces costs. It immediately translates customers’ unique product requests into quotations, sales drawings, bills of material, routings, and more.

This software is priceless where sales teams need to quickly generate quotes. With Configure One sales configurator software the company sales team can plug in all of the client’s unique circumstances and get an accurate quote back.

Your Own Worst Enemy?

Laura Spencer, a freelance writer who lives here in North Texas same as I do, but whom I have unfortunately not had the pleasure of meeting, wrote this post called, “Are You Your Own Bully?” on the great B5 Media blog she authors called Freelance Folder.

I TOTALLY agree with Laura’s observations, writers are most likely among the most self-critical and introspective of any other profession. Laura has some really good advice for us about how to stop being so negative about ourselves and the things we tell ourselves. Be sure to read that post.

But I have another purpose for bringing up Laura Spencer, whose personal writing blog, Writing Thoughts, has offered me several years of tips and sound advice on writing. I am always trying, as one of the perfectionist in the above mentioned article would do, to improve my writing and blogging skills, so I asked for advice from the Master at my new favorite business blog, Sta.rtup.Biz and he gave me some on target tips.

He used Laura’s B5Media blog, Freelancing Folder, as an example of a good freelance writing blog to emulate. I don’t know what Laura will think about when she reads this, but it is words like that which make this job so worthwhile to me, or at least hearing them helps me to remember the reason I started writing in the first place, and that I am good at it, which she is!

Man, am I ever long winded!

My Eyes Thank Web Hosting Geeks!

I stay online at least50 hours a week. Now I am not complaining, no one has tied me to this office chair and commanded me to stay on my computer. I love what I do.

But I honestly want to thank the website, Web Hosting Geeks, for the easy to read, big lettered, easy to navigate web hosting rating section of their site. Easy on the eyes, clean, uncluttered, and very professional, the guys/gals at Web Hosting sure know what they are doing. Especially when it comes to comparing web hosts and filling us in on all the details.

Love it. Great job. I will be passing the word along to MY geek friends to visit Web Hosting Geeks before they even THINK about their next hosting plan or domain name purchase.