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Live From the Information Superhighway

For several weeks Scott and Carrie from Customer Love of PayPerPost have been trying to assist me in changing my URLs on my blogs so that they will show Real Rank. That way I might possibly be able to take some opps at PPP again.

I am not at all techie, but man, I am learning to be! At first, I signed up for redirect addresses, but that is a lot more complicated than I could handle. Then I finally realized after some research that I could create subdomains.

It worked. (I think) I am writing this post, hoping the post URL is right.

Keep your fingers crossed! :)

PHP-Based Link Bid Software Script

Calling all online business owners and webmasters! I am sure that you find software online frequently for free, but don’t you always also find that nothing is REALLY free? There is always an angle, a pitch, someone giving you free software, then like an Indian giver, telling you that you can have it as long as you buy something.

How many times have you been there, done that? Myself, more than I can count. It is aggravating as heck and time wasted, in my opinion.
But this time I found something that really IS free! You can download this great phplinkbid directory script that will allow your listings in directories to zoom to the top of the heap absolutely free. No catches, no hidden agendas, just free.

I didn’t believe it either. I had to read over the fine print, but it really IS free. And get this, there is also free installation service AND free upgrades! Yes, you heard me right.

Below are just ten very good reasons that you want to download this free script: (there are hundreds.)

1. You will have an instant profitable directory


3. There are free templates

4. Upgrades are: FREE!

5. There is: FREE installation!

6. FREE upgrade support

7. NO obligation to buy ANYTHING

8. FREE promotion for your site

9. FREE listing in the LBS forum directory, section 10

I am pretty sure by now you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Don’t. There is no catch. You can host this PHP-based link bid software script on your own server or you can get
Web Hosting for LBS handled for you.

Your decision. Period.

If you are feeling skeptical, head over to the website and and read about the success stories and the glowing reviews of this script software. You will quickly learn that this is not too good to be true. Here is just one such review:

“Link Bid Script is simply the greatest starting from the ground up! Its very easy to install and use, before you know it the link bids will be rolling in. If that’s not enough the support staff are always at hand to help.”–Jamie Crawley

Take advantage of the generosity of this site and get your free PHP-based link bid software today. (and no, I was not about to say that it is for a limited time!)

Tell your webmaster friends about this deal and come back here and let me know how you like the script.

Sugar CRM

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner then you know plenty about SugarCRM.

For those of you who don’t know, SugarCRM is Customer Relationship Management software. It is used by companies to manage all aspects of their relationship to their customers and is higher quality, has faster upgrades and more flexibility.

Corratech, an open-source software consultant and the place to go to find Sugar CRM.

Now isn’t that good news for those of you who have been searching?

Tell your webmaster friends about this deal and come back here and let me know how you like the script.

Introducing Shoppero

I have been searching for money making widgets over the weekend and I really like this one from Shoppero. Be sure to check them out and check out the widget in my sidebar. If you click, you don’t even have to buy, I make money. They started me out with $10.00 EUR, which translated into $13.42 US dollars. Shoppero pays out at the end of each month through Paypal and you only have to have a $25 balance.