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Anyone for Snow Skiing?

I know, it’s the beginning of summer and if where you live is anything like Texas, it’s hotter than a…well, it’s hot. Don’t let me start that Texas tongue of mine to wagging with colorful language, we’ll all be in trouble!

But just think about it. Heading out to the mountains, your Salomon skisstrapped to the top of your car, and hitting the slopes somewhere cold and beautiful, like, say, Killington, Vermont.

Of all places, you say! Well I have a surprise for you. Killington, Vermont is home to Basin Shop, where you can find all the skiing equipment you will need. Even their site is warm and inviting.

Review of “Wafflelogue”

I was going to review this blog last night but I was so tired my eyes would no longer stay open. So, without further ado, here is my review of the blog, “Waffelogue.”

A beautiful layout, not at all what I expected. I expected a picture of some waffles and a homemaker who would bore me to tears. That is not at ALL what I got! I love this blog. It is funny–voted Best Humor Blog in the Blogger Choice Awards, as a matter of fact–and the humor is just the kind I like: clever, understated, and everyday humor.

The posts are interesting, the sidebars are clean and only have interested stuff. I can’t really say anything negative about Wafflelogue. Be sure to check it out.

A New Breed of Online Marketing

If you are as interested in getting to the top of the search engines as I am then listen up. There is a new game in town. I can’t release the name but let’s just say you can be guaranteed to see positive results in the first 72 hours of inclusion from this new website promotion a top search engine ranking package.

The power behind “X” is
They will release the much anticipated ‘X’ in the Summer 2008.

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Got my attention!