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Complement Your Life With Complimentary Stuff

A guest post/article by Sarah Scrafford

It’s not true that nothing in the world comes for free – not if you know where and how to look. The Internet is a rich source of a host of freebies, coupons that give you discounts, links that provide access to great shopping deals and bargains, contests that win you fabulous prizes and sites that offer money in return for a few minutes of your time.

I’ve listed a few such sites below, but a word of caution is necessary at this point – never pay money or give out sensitive information (like social security numbers, credit card details and bank account information) in return for free stuff. It has to be totally free, or it’s not worth it.

1. World Wide Freebies: This site offers access to free coupons, runs contests where you can win great stuff like movie tickets and DVDs, lists the latest shopping deals, and provides links to other sites with freebies.
2. A Plus Free Stuff: Go here for free samples of new products, links to other sites that offer free gifts and coupons that you can exchange for rebates.
3. One Free Stuff Site: Rather than offering the free stuff, this site is a by-category directory listing of sites that offer freebies. So if you’re looking for free stuff for your office, you can search just that particular link.

4. We Love Freebies:  Another site that offers tons of free stuff, all categorized according to use, country and popularity.
5. The Free Site: This site offers not just free product samples but also free dating and personals services.
2000 Freebies: Get free baby stuff, health products, coupons, T-shirts and much, much more at this site – it even has an alphabetical index that helps you find what you’re looking for in record time.
6. I Don’t Pay: Free games, books, T-shirts, credit cards, and so much more on offer at this site which also partners various other freebie providers.
7. Abby’s Good Stuff: This site offers free stuff by categories, lists the most popular free stuff links, provides access to great shopping deals, and also offers free online fun games and activities.
8. Freeware Guide: Arguably one of the best sites for free applications related to business and finance applications, audio, education, games, Internet, computers, software development, multimedia and design and web development.
9. Free to Try: As the name suggests, this site offers free stuff that you can try out before you decide to purchase. You can also pick up other freebies like credit cards, magazines, software and games.
10. I Love Freebies: This site features the latest freebies on offer on its home page, including free gas cards, free samples of products and coupons for grocery shopping.
11. Free Web Bargains: A nifty site if you’re looking for the best bargains and deals on the Internet, with access to free stuff, discount codes, and special shopping offers and deals.
12. Freebie Land:  Take part in simple contests and win fabulous prizes or pick up free stuff like jeans, holiday and restaurant cards (eat for free) and so many more.
13. Sweet Free Stuff: As the tag line says, everything on the site is totally free of charge. Complete some forms to pick up free stuff or write in to claim your free samples.
14. Completely Free Stuff: A site that provides free stuff and promises not to flood you with pop ups or ask for fees of any kind.
15. Only Free: This site lists freebies and coupons by the country – you have stuff local to the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia and stuff valid internationally.
16. My Freebie Source: Provides access to free stuff and sites where you get paid to take surveys.

About the author:

Sarah Scrafford is an industry critic, as well as a regular contributor on the subject of  credit cards. She invites your questions, comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address: