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Tips for Top Dollar Articles at Associated Content

There are many ways to practically assure that you command top dollar for the articles you write for Associated Content. The old pros on the forums can offer you a lot of helpful advice on this subject, and by searching the forums you will find threads to help you with this challenge. But I thought I would point out some basic tips here on my blog for those of you who are just starting out as a writer for Associated Content. These tips should help you make more money per article right off the bat:

1. Find a mentor at AC–I have picked The Barefoot as my personal mentor. No, he doesn’t know it, but he doesn’t have to. If you click on his link you will quickly learn why I have chosen him.

2. Chose topics that are of interest to readers–There has been so much written online, your first challenge is to find topics that haven’t been done to death. Think like a reader, think of things that interest you that are not so mainstream or common knowledge. Educate your readers.

3. Write breaking news stories–if you learn about something local on TV, for instance, something very newsworthy, write about it and submit it for instant publication. You won’t get paid for the article upfront, but chances are very good, that since you broke a story online, you will make a good Performance Bonus. (Performance Bonus is based on pageviews)

4. Use good keywords–Don’t saturate your article with keywords, but spread them naturally throughout the text. A good place to find the most popular keywords that are used by people using search engines is here.

5. Write to calls for content in newsletter and messages–I am convinced that you could command top dollar per article simply by following the instructions in the call for content submissions you receive in the AC newsletter and through the message system on your AC page.
6. Let your personality shine through in your writing–This really is important to becoming a success at AC or anywhere else as a writer. It doesn’t take talent to simply record facts, but it does take talent to relay your personality through the medium of text. My advice on learning how to do this is to let go of fear and just be yourself, of course following standard rules of writing etiquette. You’d be surprised at how much more your articles will command at AC if you follow this advice. It has worked for me. I have always been paid well above the average per article.

I hope these tips have helped you and will at least get you started on your road to AC writing success!