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Checklist to buy new blog

Obviously you can register a new domain, to it.

Well, nothing is every easy. I bought this blog from one of those and a few thousand indexed pages, I could clean it up and get a reasonable return on investment.

I have done fairly well with . I checked the links list in the dashboard and could not find them. Guess what? These were hidden links that are not visible to humans but can be . A clear violation of Google’s guidelines. It took me a little while to figure out that they were in the header file of the and I cleaned them right away. I am hoping that Google will treat this as a step in the right direction.

So when you want to a blog, due diligence is critical. Don’t just look for the obvious but also for the hidden. I would like to say that the previous owner of this blog inserted those hidden links and was probably being paid for these even though the domain has been under my control for a few months now. There is a lot of and if you want to buy a new blog, you have to be extremely careful.