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How to pay when you buy a blog?

While I am a big fan of , I also understand that in some cases it makes perfect sense to and all sides being happy.

Depending on whatever your definition of “large” is, my advice would be to include your and .

For a “small” transaction, in which the fees of attorneys and may not be justifiable, I strongly suggest that you do not pay the total amount upfront. I did that mistake since that reduced the amount of paperwork for me, but the transaction did not go through smoothly as .nu domains cannot be transferred. When I tried to reverse the transaction, the money never came back to me.

Now should I . Definitely I do not invest in losers who may drag their feet even if I .

The best thing is to pay a small advance payment, and then make the second payment when the domain transfer is complete. The final payment should be made when the blog is live on your own server. To satisfy the seller, you can also put the money in an escrow account.