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Can I make extra money on the Internet?

A reader writes, “I would like to know whether I could , manage blogs/networks, handle reader questions, etc. I hope you would help.”

Yes, it is possible to (I do) from online. While others might tell you otherwise that there is a shortcut to success and you can copy and paste from others to make a ton of money. The answer is no. If you want to make a decent income you have to work hard, research, and create content that is as unique as possible. For instance, if you do not know where to start, you can interview people in your town or cover events in your town — now that will be unique and creative and you can make money from advertising.

There is enormous information on the web on and nicely written. Then right inside your Google account you can sign up with what is known as . Always follow the rules, do not try to cheat, and hopefully you can make good money. Tens of thousands of people are doing it and I encourage you to do more research on this issue.

Risks of a free blog

I am sure at some point you were tempted by an offer of or . Yes, .

Yeah, I was one of those people, who on a . It was, fortunately, a personal blog where I just wanted to document small details of my life. This was a great choice since I did not want to have any fixed costs and this platform allowed me almost full access to the code so I could even insert ads of my own if I wanted.

Guess what? While I never expected anyone other than my friends and fans to read it, this blog caught fire. The number of daily visitors ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 even though many of my posts are simply one line with a link to something interesting that I might find.

Then I realized the downsides. As the , I blogged more and then I realized that somewhere in the fine print there was a limit on the I could store. Now, it is a big hassle for me to first and then write the blog post. The website is sometimes down and I can do nothing about it. In other words, I get thousands of visitors that I can often get from there to my other blogs but a problem at the website means that I lose them.

So free or paid?

If you are even a little bit , . Free services are not reliable, companies can go out of business, and you may not be able to (the process if often cumbersome, you can lose your pages in the and their , and sometimes you when your ).

How to pay when you buy a blog?

While I am a big fan of , I also understand that in some cases it makes perfect sense to and all sides being happy.

Depending on whatever your definition of “large” is, my advice would be to include your and .

For a “small” transaction, in which the fees of attorneys and may not be justifiable, I strongly suggest that you do not pay the total amount upfront. I did that mistake since that reduced the amount of paperwork for me, but the transaction did not go through smoothly as .nu domains cannot be transferred. When I tried to reverse the transaction, the money never came back to me.

Now should I . Definitely I do not invest in losers who may drag their feet even if I .

The best thing is to pay a small advance payment, and then make the second payment when the domain transfer is complete. The final payment should be made when the blog is live on your own server. To satisfy the seller, you can also put the money in an escrow account.

Checklist to buy new blog

Obviously you can register a new domain, to it.

Well, nothing is every easy. I bought this blog from one of those and a few thousand indexed pages, I could clean it up and get a reasonable return on investment.

I have done fairly well with . I checked the links list in the dashboard and could not find them. Guess what? These were hidden links that are not visible to humans but can be . A clear violation of Google’s guidelines. It took me a little while to figure out that they were in the header file of the and I cleaned them right away. I am hoping that Google will treat this as a step in the right direction.

So when you want to a blog, due diligence is critical. Don’t just look for the obvious but also for the hidden. I would like to say that the previous owner of this blog inserted those hidden links and was probably being paid for these even though the domain has been under my control for a few months now. There is a lot of and if you want to buy a new blog, you have to be extremely careful.