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Risks of a free blog

I am sure at some point you were tempted by an offer of or . Yes, .

Yeah, I was one of those people, who on a . It was, fortunately, a personal blog where I just wanted to document small details of my life. This was a great choice since I did not want to have any fixed costs and this platform allowed me almost full access to the code so I could even insert ads of my own if I wanted.

Guess what? While I never expected anyone other than my friends and fans to read it, this blog caught fire. The number of daily visitors ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 even though many of my posts are simply one line with a link to something interesting that I might find.

Then I realized the downsides. As the , I blogged more and then I realized that somewhere in the fine print there was a limit on the I could store. Now, it is a big hassle for me to first and then write the blog post. The website is sometimes down and I can do nothing about it. In other words, I get thousands of visitors that I can often get from there to my other blogs but a problem at the website means that I lose them.

So free or paid?

If you are even a little bit , . Free services are not reliable, companies can go out of business, and you may not be able to (the process if often cumbersome, you can lose your pages in the and their , and sometimes you when your ).